OSHA compliant

Simple, Cost-Effective, Two-Line Railing

BMC Rail is the most common mechanical rail that we fabricate. This simple, reliable and cost effective two-line railing can be secured in many different ways. Because of that, the BMC Rail is ideal for use in most guardrail, handrail, and safety rail applications.

Our BMC Rails are compliant with OSHA and local building codes. We also design, fabricate, and test railing assemblies in accordance with the most stringent requirements of ASTM E 985 and applicable local codes.

Our BMC Rails can be mounted to almost any surface, including side stringers, side mounted on a round tank, or core drilled in concrete. The rails are field measured to ensure an exact fit and will be delivered in the largest possible spans to allow for fast installation.

BMC Rail Gallery

Benefits of BMC Rails:

  • Variety of designs and finishes
  • Field measured to ensure accurate fit
  • Experienced design-assist engineering department
  • On-time delivery of panels for turnkey installation
  • OSHA and local building code compliant
  • Built to ASTM E 985 requirements and applicable local codes
  • Mountable to almost any surface
  • Ideal for most guardrail, handrail, & safety rail applications

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