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Decorative, Cost-Effective, Spindle Railing

BMC Spindle Rail is a highly non-corrosive mechanically fastened railing that is appealing to the eye and still boasts the same advantages seen in our typical BMC Rail.

Our BMC Spindle Rails are compliant with OSHA and local building codes. We also design, fabricate, and test railing assemblies in accordance with the most stringent requirements of ASTM E 985 and applicable local codes.

We field measure the railing to guarantee that the customer receives a perfect fit on the installation ready, fully panelized railing. The BMC Mesh rails are field measured to ensure an exact fit and will be delivered in the largest possible spans to allow for fast installation.

BMC Spindle Rail Gallery

Benefits of BMC Spindle Rails:

  • Corrosion resistant properties
  • Variety of designs and finishes
  • Mountable to almost any surface
  • Field measured to ensure accurate fit
  • Experienced design-assist engineering department
  • On-time delivery of panels for turnkey installation
  • OSHA and local building code compliant
  • Built to ASTM E 985 requirements and applicable local codes

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